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        The Mission: Requires embracing your true identity which is Spirit-anointed, led & empowered.

           ”Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:              

The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Not too long ago God interrupted my prayer time to speak to me something very profound and impactful about my identity in Christ. I hope the words He spoke to my heart will encourage you:

“I’m waiting for you to believe what I believe about you. You are born of the Spirit. You are born from above. You no longer reflect your old nature…but mine. I’m waiting for you to lead. Without fear or regret. Boldly because you believe in me. You believe that my words are greater than your thoughts. I’ll go where you go. At your pace. You know I’ll meet you right there. I’ll energize it. I’ll anoint it. I’ll bring life to it. You can walk in joyful authority. What is this sadness? Does it come from me? You are free. Free to be loved. I make you unpunishable. An object of affection & desire. Mine. I want to do this in you because of your destiny.

The enemy has tried to prevent you from embracing it all. He is a liar since the beginning.  Your destiny to call out the destiny of my children. To restore these orphans to their father. To take these sheep from the scary pasture into a place of rest. You can lead them. The guilty. The wounded. You can lead them without judgment or fear. But with love. Nothing has changed Bryan. Build everything according to the pattern shown to you in the secret place. On the mountain. You want to work harder to change your circumstances. But I invite you into intimacy & trust. Who says don’t come to me? Who says you can’t? Who is placing the limits on you? All things are possible to the one who believes.

Bryan your insecurities are not greater than my security. You can’t mess this up. That’s what you think right? That you will mess it up. That you will miss it. I brought you here. I know you. I know you. I know you. I see you. And I love you. I’ll go where you go. I’ve always said it. I am making you hungry. You will not have a traditional church. It will be different. It is ok. It is an expression of you. You are my witness to this community. They will carry the revelation you bring. I love it when you risk for me. But you don’t have to. You are my son in whom I am well pleased. Hear me and what I say. I am pleased with you.   Seek me. Don’t be afraid. I will not harm you. I will love you. I will speak. I will feed. I will take your cares. Your fears. Bring your heart to mine. Always, always, always lead from that place. That place of surrendered love & vulnerability. I’ve got you. I’ll carry you. I want you to love what you do. To enjoy it. It’s my joy to share it with you.”

As Christians, we often think that we are disqualified from continuing the mission of Jesus. Who are we to do what He did? We think we are not that holy, wise, pure or experienced enough to heal the sick and set the oppressed free. Unfortunately, many believers have embraced a half truth that says we are lowly sinners, unworthy of anything, and are just fortunate enough to get into heaven when we die. As I discovered on my own, and revealed to you all, we must hear and receive how the Father sees us.

For years, I understood the redemptive work of Jesus in His crucifixion and resurrection only as a way to secure my entrance into heaven. Of course this is true. My faith in His finished work does indeed secure my eternal position. But it provides something even greater, the transformation of my very nature, allowing me to experience heaven today in very real ways. My faith in Jesus fundamentally transforms me, making me a pure and as holy as Jesus Himself. This not only qualifies me to enter heaven when I die, but it also qualifies me to continue the mission of Jesus. Having been redeemed, I am a candidate to receive the Holy Spirit without measure like Jesus. I am a candidate to hear God’s voice like Jesus did. I am qualified to do the same supernatural works of Jesus.

Whatever advantage Jesus had to declare and demonstrate the kingdom of God, that same advantage has been given to those who believe. In my view, the reason we do not see the level of miracles, healings and deliverances as Jesus and the early disciples is firstly because we have not understood our identity in Christ. Secondly, we simply have not had the theological paradigm to believe we even could do what Jesus did. Finally, we have not had the practical training that the early disciples received from the Master. A mission-empowered community is one that constantly affirms our new covenant identity while inspiring people to engage in the supernatural mission of Jesus, by example and equipping.

The New Testament scriptures paint a powerfully liberating picture about our identity in Christ. As redeemed children of God, we have a kingdom identity and a kingdom assignment. Our challenge is now to agree with what Scripture teaches about our true identity, while rejecting and renouncing the old perspectives. Here is the truth regarding our true identity in Christ:

I am forgiven by God, and have received that forgiveness by my faith in Christ.

This means every sin I have or will commit has been preemptively forgiven in advance at the cross of Christ. Because I have been forgiven, I can receive the Holy Spirit and be led by the Spirit just like Jesus Christ. Because I have been forgiven, I can develop a deep intimacy with God as my Heavenly Father, who takes my cares, worries and concerns and gives me His hope, wisdom, and perspective in life. It is my responsibility to receive that forgiveness and live by the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s will and desire for my life.

I have a changed perspective.

Instead of viewing myself as an enemy of God, in need of punishment, I see myself as His child, in need of a reminder of His love, encouragement and purpose. As a child, I am loved, accepted, pursued, blessed, and favored by God the Father Himself. Because of the Father’s heart for me, I am secure in my identity, knowing what thoughts, actions and behaviors are befitting of a child of God. People’s opinions, actions or behaviors do not detract me from my Christ-given identity.

I have changed behaviors.

Since my perspective of God and of myself have changed, so have my actions. The God-dishonoring things I used to do to bring myself fulfillment, joy or excitement are no longer needed. I am no longer compelled to sin, but rather am compelled by God’s Spirit to please Him. This means I am seeking to know the Father’s heart so that I can make the Father’s heart known to others.

I am growing in authority.

Because Christ laid down His life, God glorified Him and exalted Him to the highest place in the created order of things, at His right hand. Everything in the created realm is subject to His rule and His word and His power. I have been given the supreme name of Christ so that I can remove the demonic influences and works of Satan as I move through life.

If I am tempted with a thought (fear, lust, greed, pride, etc) that opposes the will of God in Word or Spirit I verbally command that spirit to be silenced and to be gone. If I discern the work of Satan in someone else by the power of the Holy Spirit, I can verbally expel that demonic influence, which often results in the afflicted person feeling spiritually, physically or mentally better.

I can continue the mission of Jesus

As a born again, redeemed child of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, I can continue the mission of Jesus. I have the same position with God as Jesus. I have the same anointing as Jesus. I have the same favor of God as Jesus. I have the same mission of Jesus. Through the study of Scripture and examples of people I trust, I am learning about His mission, and available to engage in that mission, the way He did.

Action Steps:

  • Research Scriptures that describe your identity in Christ & record the ones most meaningful to you.
  • Through prayer, make a list of all the things you are believing about yourself that is not true of your identity in Christ.
  • Through prayer, repent (or renounce) the lies you have believed about your identity. By faith, begin to say out loud the things that are true about your identity in Christ.

Declare: “I only think, speak and act out of my born-again, new creation, identity in Christ.  By faith in Christ, I have the same favor, position, authority, anointing and mission as Jesus Christ Himself.”